Congratulations to our partner TOFCO for all they’ve done for their community January 27, 2021

Congratulations to our partner TOFCO for all they’ve done for their community

We are incredibly proud and honored to congratulate our partner TOFCO for all they’ve done in their community and for the incredible project – Preparing All Students for Success (PASS). This pilot project took La Brea students from a 13% pass rate to a 93% pass rate. A tremendous achievement. TOFCO initiated the program in May 2019 in a joint effort of the company and former MP, Ms. Nicole Oliverre, to drive academic excellence in a struggling school district. They had a long track record of underperformance in the national Secondary Entrance Assessment examinations.

TOFCO, a long time advocate for doing the best for their community, was determined to turn this low pass rate around. Knowing something needed to be done to help students become more engaged in their studies and give them access to the support they need to move beyond a persistent failure into a success. They enlisted several experienced educators to assemble teachers from selected schools of the La Brea Schools District to develop a plan to move forward. What came from that meeting was PASS Pilot.

PASS Pilot required a commitment and dedication from the teachers and principals. A great slogan was crafted “Educating is a vibe; We pumping with knowledge,” and the children got behind it. The program was delivered in four phases to get the students enthusiastic about education. Within a short amount of time, they began to witness a steady increase in performance.

When you think about taking students from 13% to a 93% pass rate, it almost doesn’t seem possible. If not for the fortitude of TOFCO, the educators and principals, those students would still be struggling. Once again, we want to congratulate our partner TOFCO for being such an exemplary leader for their community.