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Emergency pipeline leak


Arkansas River, Arkansas

Morrison was called to respond to an emergency pipeline leak in the Arkansas River.

Morrison dive teams recovered 568-feet of a 24-inch pipeline from a river with currents up to 6 knots in 42-fsw.  Once the leak was contained, Morrison engineered and executed the approved USACE remediation plan to prevent further scour on the remaining 22-inch pipeline.  This involved using mass flow excavation tools to uncover the approx. 1,400-feet of the existing pipeline and the laying of 4,700 tons of limestone and rip rap on the top of the pipeline across the river bed.

Multiple regulatory agencies were involved in this project.

We had experienced divers on this inland project who contributed to data collection and set up and helped to devise a workable dive plan in conditions that were considered extreme in any diving circle. They have shown what a group of determined, safety conscious, proud employees can do when working as a team. They displayed absolute professionalism and Morrison pride.

Project Superintendent

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