Inland + Coastal

Repair and recommissioning of pipelines


Mississippi River

MORRISON dive teams were called to investigate two (2) 12-inch brine pipelines that had ceased operations.  The pipelines, located in the Mississippi River, deliver brine product to a facility in Convent, Louisiana.  Following an assessment of the damaged assets, MORRISON dive teams performed repairs to bring the system back on line.

The challenging aspect of this particular project was the working environment near the pipelines, which was near a levee revetment.  In conjunction with not disturbing the USACE monitored revetment, MORRISON would need to put divers in the water safely while combating accelerated currents estimated to be 4-5 knots.

Utilizing extensive knowledge from recent experience working in accelerated currents, the team identified best practices that would successfully and safely mitigate the risks associated with the air dive in rapid water.  A typically unconventional dive crew size of a 12-man team was deployed to repair the lines.  PLIDCO clamps and cut-in spool sections were required in order to recommission the brine pipelines.

The activities were labor intensive and involved various inland equipment spreads.  The CM-16 barge’s 40-ton crane was dedicated to the stand-by diver, and a second barge was mobilized on site in order to utilize it’s crane for tool deployment and retrieval.

The project was completed successfully with zero incidents and zero impact to the environment.

A key part of the success of this project was working hand in hand with the client and the Coast Guard prior to beginning work.  The expectations were clear and the procedures were thorough.  I’m especially proud of our achievement of putting in the drop-in repair spool piece of pipe in these currents.

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