Morrison incident free in 2016 January 24, 2017

Incident and Injury Free in 2016

Calendar year 2016 was a challenging year for the energy service business. Spending reductions were a common theme for upstream clients, which resulted in broad scale service sector cut backs. Life was no different here at Chet Morrison Contractors and, as we streamlined our business expenditures to compensate for such an unfavorable market, our leadership focused on increasing the quality of our Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) processes. This meant a universal commitment and relentless dedication to the highest expectations and frequent performance measurements. In 2016, we remained incident and injury free.

Together in 2016, we accomplished:

  • no recordable injuries or incidents
  • no spills or damage to the environment
  • no regulatory fines
  • no motor vehicle accidents
  • no fires

In 2017, we will continue that journey by:

  • Continually improving our HSE management system
  • Sustaining world class HSE performance
  • Reducing the amount of High Potential for Occurrence (HiPO) events
  • Increasing our competency with skill education and training

Our focus has always been and will continue to be to deliver innovative solutions and service you can trust, and we believe that dedication is a sign of a company that is doing things the right way. We applaud our team for world class excellence and look forward to the journey of leading the industry in protecting all people and the world we are blessed to share.