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Going Below and Beyond.

Our extensive inventory of dive spreads and in-house dive teams allow us to either dispatch divers from our company-owned barges and dive vessels or travel with portable systems and perform dive excursions direct from client-provided fixed platforms, drilling rigs, floating production facilities, drilling facilities or other construction support vessels.

Access to Versatility


Saturation Diving Capabilities



  • IMCA Compliant
  • Dive to maximum of 1,000 ft
  • Moon pool launch


  • Modular: 7-10 day installation
  • Portable: Install on any vessel or barge
  • Dive to maximum of 1,000 ft
  • Compact & lightweight proprietary system
  • Small footprint to maximize deck space

6-MAN SATURATION SYSTEM aboard the DSV Joanne Morrison

  • Dive to maximum of 1,000 ft
  • Moon pool launch


Shallow Air, Deep Air & Mixed Gas Systems

Our shallow air, deep air or mixed gas dive spreads are suited for underwater projects of all sizes on a variety of barges and vessels.

Our portable packages can be mobilized on any vessel type, such as Lift Boats, Derrick Barges and Inland Construction Barges.

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Delivering Results


Salvage Recovery from DP2

Working from a DP2, Morison performed underwater operations in depths ranging from 150-180 feet of water in response to an oil recovery operation.  View Project


A shallow air package was mobilized on our inland construction barge, the CM-16, to investigate two (2) 12-inch pipelines that had ceased operations.  Following an assessment of the damaged assets, Morrison dive teams performed repairs to bring the system back on line. View Project

Diving off a Lift Boat

Utilizing a lift boat and our deep air dive diving package, Morrison dive teams performed an 8″ tie-in to an existing subsea assembly.

Flood Gate Installation in Canal

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We take great pride in our ability to provide clients with well-maintained equipment.

Give us a call to tour our subsea warehouse and see for yourself how our extensive inventory of diving equipment and associated tools are maintained.

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