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Basic Function:

The basic function of the position is to perform specific tasks in the water and topside having detailed knowledge of diving theory and practice, a full understanding of the diving equipment in use, and of the tasks assigned. All divers shall be in possession of an up-to-date diver’s logbook which can be used to establish levels of experience.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Accomplish all tasks assigned by the Diving Supervisor. In the event the diver is assigned a task for which he does not consider himself competent either by training and/or experience, the diver shall immediately inform the Dive Supervisor.
  • Read, understand, and comply with all employer’s policies and procedures with applicable governmental regulations as they relate to their qualifications or performance while engaging in diving operations.
  • Maintain a high level of physical fitness.
  • Immediately obey all commands or instructions from the Diving Supervisor to return to the surface, first decompression stop, or bell.
  • Ensure the deepest depth attained during their dive has been established before the ascent.
  • Safely transition from the water to the decompression chamber without avoidable delay.
  • Act as a Standby Diver when directed to do so. While active as a Standby Diver, the diver shall:
    • Be dressed sufficiently to allow near-immediate entry into the water and to stay at depth as long as circumstances require.
    • Remain at their station throughout the entire dive and in-water decompression.
    • Monitor the dive radio to constantly remain abreast of events of the dive.
  • Not be assigned any tasks that might interfere with their duties as a Standby Diver while there is a diver in the water.
  • Act as a chamber operator as required by the Dive Supervisor.
  • Comply with regulations or instructions concerning the use, maintenance, repair, and testing of all diving equipment provided for the operation.
  • Report to the Dive Supervisor any recent medical treatment or illness so that a proper determination can be made concerning their fitness and/or ability to dive.
  • Immediately report all symptoms or suspected symptoms of DCS to the Diving Supervisor as early and accurately as possible.
  • Report to the Dive Supervisor any defect or malfunction of the diving equipment provided for the diving operation.
  • Follow safe diving practices at all times during the diving operation whether on deck or in the water. Bring to the attention of the Diving Supervisor any questionable items. Be alert for the safety of others as well as himself.
  • Assist in the training of new personnel or Tender/Divers.
  • Remain awake and in the vicinity of the decompression chamber for at least one hour following treatment or a hyperbaric exposure outside the no-decompression limits.
  • Know and observe the rules for flying after diving or traveling to altitudes higher than the dive site.
  • Ensure their diving equipment has been correctly maintained, prepared, and tested before each dive. This requirement should never be delegated to others.
  • Maintain a diver’s logbook which details all dives, medical examinations, courses taken, certifications level achieved, and personal equipment maintenance.
  • Ensure that medical certificates are up-to-date and recorded in their diver’s logbook.
  • Present their logbook to the Diving Supervisor on every job for his signature.
  • Maintain certification in first aid and CPR.


Required: Association of Diving Contractors (ADC) accredited school, TWIC, Safegulf, Rigger, First Aid and CPR, Water Survival

Experience: 3+ years of diving

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