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Barge Supervisor

Barge Supervisor

Basic Function:

The Superintendent is responsible for the entire operation and safety of the barge and the personnel on board.

Responsibilities and Duties:

  • Must be able to perform work of a crewmember where each is dependent upon others for safe operations and emergency evacuation.
  • Must have leadership and supervisory capabilities.
  • Must be able to read and understand job information letter, blueprints, load out sketches and procedures, and general barge forms, etc.
  • Must have working knowledge of all personnel classifications incorporated on the barges and the ability to supervise their operations.
  • Must have working knowledge of all equipment involved in daily barge operations.
  • Must have the ability to anchor a barge at a given location according to weather conditions, pipelines, underwater obstructions, etc. so that barge operations can be accomplished safely and efficiently.
  • Must have a broad knowledge of offshore construction and salvage operations.  A minimum of 10 years’ experience is required.


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